Here are a few of the ways that our Members leverage their businesses through their membership:

Donating through their business

Many of our members participate in our discussions, voting and nominations, and then donate in the name of their business, leveraging the tax deduction for the business.

Using meetings as a platform for employee engagement

Some of our members invite their employees/colleagues to participate in the meetings, as a means of engaging their team for community awareness, involvement, and collaboration. They choose to vote as a team, voting once for every $100 they plan to donate. 

Donating profit from products/services sold at business

Other members choose to donate some profit from products/services sold through their business. This connection engages their clientele with the involvement of 100+WWCB and the charities we support

Matching contributions through employer's business

Several businesses offer matching contributions to complement their employee’s charitable giving. Some of our Members leverage this matching contribution for charities chosen through 100+WWCB.

Your business, department, professional or networking associations can join this initiative by simply matching the donations of our members. You can match one member, our entire membership or somewhere in between. Please consider matching your staff’s donations if they are already members.

Look into your company to see if they offer this. And let us know if you are doing this so we can see where the donations are doubled.


Some businesses sponsor the few costs we have such as website design, website hosting, social media management subscriptions, room rental, printing, etc. If you are interested in sponsoring any costs incurred, please contact us.

Thanks to the Burlington Golf & Country Club for their continued support with providing a meeting room.