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November 23, 2022 Meeting

Virtual only meeting

Charity of Choice: Home Suite Hope

$8,930 donation received


Home Suite Hope unites a network of vital support services for single parents and their children; encouraging and supporting them as they journey from poverty to stability.

Poverty, and the hopelessness it fosters, is often passed on from one generation to the next.

Children growing up in poverty learn to believe education and secure employment are beyond their reach. Without empowerment, they may not have the tools and support to think beyond their microcosm of despair.

Together, we are transforming the patterns of poverty to a legacy of empowered prosperity.

One family at a time.

The charitable organization serves the following population:

Homeless and/or precariously housed single parent-led families (34 single moms and 64 children at time of presentation).

HSH is a Halton based charity with 35% of its families residing in Burlington, 45% in Oakville and 20% in Milton.

The donated funds would be used for:

Homeward Bound Halton is a four-year wrap-around program that provides housing, life skills, two-year college program, professional development, mentorships, and employment support.

After all guaranteed funding is counted there is a short fall of $9,543 needed to sponsor each of the families per year that must be attained through donations and fundraising efforts.

Individuals and organizations that donate the $9,543 become partners in change and become part of the family’s journey – receiving updates from the parent of the family they sponsor via letter or email.

Other Presenting Charities: