November 17, 2021 Meeting

Virtual only meeting

Charity of Choice: DeafBlind Ontario

$6,400 donation received 


DeafBlind Ontario Services supports individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, non-verbal, and deafblind, with an array of service so that they can live and thrive within the community.

95% of what we learn comes from what we see and hear. Imagine what it must be like to be deafblind.

The impact of the intervenor in the life of someone with deafblindness is immeasurable. At DeafBlind Ontario Services, an individualized, holistic and person-centered approach to Intervenor Services empowers each individual with deafblindness to achieve as much independence as possible.

Individuals with deafblindness have the capacity to build their life skills, gain independence and contribute to the greater community with the support of professionally trained intervenors who use the sense of touch to help them communicate.

The charitable organization serves the following population:

People who are deaf, hard of hearing, non-verbal, and deafblind at 25 Supported Living Homes across Ontario and through our Community Services Outreach Programs.

The donated funds would be used for:

Help fund Community Services outreach programs at 12 locations throughout Ontario, including Burlington. In partnership with families, local community agencies and long-term care centres, DeafBlind Ontario Services provides customized support to individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, non-verbal and deafblind. At each of these locations, our frontline workers (Intervenors) provide them with individualized training, program planning, and mentorship to help enhance their lives.

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