June 2, 2021 Meeting

Virtual only meeting

Charity of Choice: Danielle’s Place

$7,450 donation received 


Danielle’s Place currently provides prevention and early intervention programming for youth 8-17 in order to best serve those at risk of developing an eating disorder. Danielle’s Place is committed to creating a positive, safe and inclusive environment for all folks.

GTA has seen a 90% increase in referrals since the start of the pandemic.

The charitable organization serves the following population:

Children & Youth aged 8-17 who are at risk of or are expressing concerns around low self-esteem, body image or who have a pre-occupation with food and weight.

The donated funds would be used for:

Implement a new peer-support program, outreach initiatives (e.g. presentations to schools), and group sessions.

Other Presenting Charities: