September 19th, 2022  Meeting

Chosen Charity:  The Angel Project

The Angel Project serves isolated and often abandoned patients in the community
who have suffered a catastrophic event such as a stroke, illness or trauma.
The Angel Project is often the last resort for   many.
TAP provides the co-payment for patients for life saving medical equipment (voice boxes, computers, chair lifts, wheelchairs, custom chairs etc.) and also provides medical transport for patients.  But it is often the little things that make the biggest difference, like the hygiene items supplied to hospitals – shampoo, toothpaste and soap, or a handmade quilt to make a patient feel human and cared for.  During Covid, TAP funded the youth mental health clinic at Joseph Brant Hospital due to the teen suicides.

Charitable Registration Number – #83839-3486RP000

Donations to The Angel Project:  $ 9,650

Donate to The Angel Project


April 26th, 2022  Meeting

Chosen Charity:  Black Mentorship  Inc.

Black Mentorship Inc. is a Canadian Charitable organization dedicatedBlack Mentorship Inc
to the empowerment of Black Professionals in Canada. BMI fosters leadership by connecting Black youths, professionals and entrepreneurs at different stages of professional growth with industry experts through a unique mentoring program. We exist to elevate professional advancement through mentorship, education, and skills-building, thus building a better, more equitable workforce.

Charitable Registration Number – #748829470RP0001

Donations to Black Mentorship Inc.:  $ 8,215

Donate to Black Mentorship Inc.


January 25th, 2022  Meeting

Chosen Charity:  YWCA Hamilton

YWCA Hamilton strengthens women’s and girls’ voices, broadens their choices, builds dynamic leadership and provides essential and meaningful services that promote safe, inclusive and equitable communities.                    YWCA Hamilton home page

The Organization serves the following population:

YWCA Hamilton serves 10,000+ people through 60+ programs and services each year. Founded in1889, YWCA Hamilton is one of the region’s oldest social innovators and a leading social service organization meeting the needs of our community’s most vulnerable women, girls and families. YWCA Hamilton provides critical social services in the areas of women’s housing, childcare and youth services, health and wellness programming, services for people with developmental disabilities, employment and training programs, immigration and settlement services, advocacy, and work around addressing violence against women. Through our work, we impact more than 10,000 women, children, and families each year, with a focus on serving people from racialized communities, those dealing with the impacts of homelessness, poverty, and trauma, and those struggling with systemic barriers to employment and financial security. We are an innovative, multi-service organization with the proven experience and capacity to undertake both complex, large-scale projects and grassroots, community-led projects alike.

Charitable Registration Number – #11923 6792 RR0001

Donations to YWCA Hamilton:  $ 6,450

Donate to YWCA Hamilton


November 13th, 2021  Meeting

Chosen Charity:  Deaf Blind Ontario Foundation

DeafBlind Ontario Services takes a holistic approach to providing an array of servicesDeafBlind Ontario Services that are customized to each individual’s unique needs, method of communication, and goals to enrich their life.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to ensuring consistent and holistic person-centered plans are in place for each person we support to live full, meaningful lives. Our Client Services Team is the backbone of our highly regarded service model, providing a multi-faceted approach to each individual’s personal plans so they can achieve their goals and aspirations. This dedicated team is unique in the sector and part of what sets DeafBlind Ontario Services apart in our field.

Charitable Registration Number – #896598417RR0001

Donations to DeafBlind Ontario:  $6,400

Donate to DeafBlind Ontario


September 13th, 2021  Meeting

Chosen Charity:  Dare To Be Youth

DTBY is a for-purpose, grassroots organization that empowers young adults ages 17-24Dare To Be You Foundation in the Halton and Hamilton to unlock their potential. Driven by mentorship and leadership initiatives, DTBY is dedicated to supporting young adults and empowering personal growth and self-discovery to create a community of leaders that inspire change. Our Vision: A world transformed by bold, authentic young leaders. Our Mission: To inspire young adults to make their mark and drive community change.

Charitable Registration Number – #816162242RR0001

Donations to Dare To Be Youth : $ 6,550

Donate to Dare To Be Youth


June 2nd, 2021  Meeting

Chosen Charity:  Danielle’s Place

A Positive, Safe, and Inclusive Environment For All

Danielle’s Place currently provides prevention and early intervention programming for youth 8-17 in order to best serve those at risk of developing an eating disorder. Danielle’s Place is committed to creating a positive, safe and inclusive environment for all folks.


Charitable Registration Number – #106914369RR0001

Donations to Danielle’s Place : $ 7,450

Donate to Danielle’s Place



February 8th, 2021  Meeting

Chosen Charity:  Distress Centre Halton 

Distress Centre Halton is a non-profit charitable organization that provides telephone and online support to people 365 days of the year.  We are a unique service in that we train volunteers for front-line work providing emotional support and befriending to people in distress or crisis.Our service improves the health and wellness of people in our community and the quality of life of those who are feeling alone, isolated, and vulnerable.​ Distress Centre Halton has a volunteer Board of Directors. We have 2 full-time staff and 3 part-time staff. We have 2 locations in Oakville and Georgetown. Currently we have approximately 200 volunteers between the two Centres.                                                         DCH_PrimaryHorizontal.Large.png



Charitable Registration Number – #107790628 RR 0001

Donations to Distress Centre Halton : $ 6,700

Donate to Distress Centre  Halton


November 16th, 2020  Meeting

Chosen Charity:  Children’s Aid Foundation  of Halton 

The Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton (CAFH) was founded in 1990 as a registered charitable organization to raise funds for the children and youth being cared for by the Halton Children’s Aid Society (Halton CAS). Funds raised allow the Halton CAS to provide additional services that enhance the lives of abused and neglected children and youth living in Halton.

The Halton CAS receives basic funding from the provincial government to provide food and shelter to the children and youth in its care. Extra-curricular activities, post-secondary education and the needs of children and youth not in foster care but still receiving support services from Halton CAS, are not funded, or are insufficiently funded, by the government.                                                                Children's Aid Foundation of Halton



Charitable Registration Number – #134922475RR0001

Donations to the Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton : $ 5,750                   

Donate to Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton


September 15th, 2020  Meeting

Chosen Charity:  SAVIS of Halton (Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Services)   

We provide free, confidential, and non-judgmental 24 hour support to all survivors of violence including female-identified, male-identified, and members of the transgender community.  We advocate against violence in the community at large and promote prevention through community education.                                                                                                     SAVIS



Charitable Registration Number – #19452662RR0001

Donations to SAVIS : $ 6100 

Donate to SAVIS


February 4th, 2020  Meeting

Chosen Charity:  Halton Food For Thought    

Halton Food For Thought’s vision is a Halton Region in which “no students goes hungry at school.”  In partnership with the community, Halton Food for Thought is the sole provider of Student Nutrition Programs in schools across Halton Region.  Partner programs include nutritious breakfasts, snacks and lunches served before or during school hours.  They are a reliable source of healthy food and are open to all students in a school’s community. We believe that through the provision of healthy food, every student has their best chance to succeed.  

 Charitable Registration Number – #84763 6958 RR0001

Donations to Halton Food For Thought : $ 7450 

Donate to Halton Food For Thought


November 20th, 2019 Meeting

Chosen Charity: Radius Child and Youth Services

Radius Child & Youth Services is a specialized community-based organization that provides clinical assessment and counselling services to children, adolescents and families affected by interpersonal abuse. We are pleased to provide valuable resources for mental health professionals, teachers, social workers, parents and those working with children of any age. We are a widely recognized leader in the field of child abuse (physical, sexual, or emotional) and neglect.

Charitable Registration Number – 137412656RR0001

Donations to Radius Child and Youth Services : $8100

Donate to Radius Child and Youth Services


September 17, 2019 Meeting

Chosen Charity: Lighthouse for Grieving Children

The Lighthouse is a self funded organization. the lighthouse for grieving children L
Since 1999, Lighthouse has been assisting children and their families at their most vulnerable. Lighthouse looks death in the eye, recognizes its impact, and gives healing time. That said, it’s a place more about beginnings than endings, more about celebration than sorrow, more about bright futures than dark days of the past.

Charitable Registration Number –  861059715RR0001

Donations to Lighthouse for Grieving Children : $7,600

Donate to Lighthouse for Grieving Children


April 9, 2019 Meeting

Chosen Charity: Dare to Be You Foundation

The DTBY Foundation supports leadership development opportunities and initiatives that empower our youth to become the best versions of themselves as they bring their unique gifts into this world and unlock their potential to ‘BE’ better, and ‘DO’ better in their community.

We raise funds for organizations in the Halton region for their vital programming.

Charitable Registration Number –  816162242RR0001

Donations to Dare to Be you : $5850

Donate to Dare to Be You


January 24, 2019 Meeting

Chosen Charity: The Burlington Teen Tour Band Boosters Angel Fund

Burlington Teen Tour Band Boosters organization is built on the fundamentals of volunteering. It’s through the donation of time and expertise of many people that we have been able to build the Boosters organization and continue to support the Burlington Teen Tour Band in all they do.

Charitable Registration Number – 118821453RR0001

Donations to Burlington Teen Tour Band Boosters : $4800

Donate to Burlington Teen Tour Band Boosters

November 20, 2018 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Safetynet Children and Youth Services

Safetynet Children & Youth Charities services families with clothing, diapers, furniture, household items, bicycles, tutoring and music. They rely on community donations in order to  provide free items and services to financially disadvantaged families. Safetynet provides programming that encourages independence and helps to break the cycle of poverty.

Charitable Registration Number – 853458966RR0001

Donation to Safetynet Children and Youth Services : $4900

Donate to Safetynet Children and Youth Services

September 20, 2018 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Halton Poverty Roundtable

The Halton Poverty Roundtable is a local non-profit/charity that brings together over 30 community organizations and 100+ volunteers who are committed to working collaboratively to eliminate poverty in Halton and moving towards a common vision where there is no neighbour in need.

Charitable Registration Number – 812765121RR0001

Donation to Halton Povery Roundtable : $5700

Donate To Halton Poverty Roundtable

April 20, 2018 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Shifra Homes Inc.

Shifra Homes‘ mission is to provida a safe haven, and an empowering environment that promotes dignity and a    sense of hope for young homeless pregnant women.  They aim to provide support and resources, and to protect and nurture new life.  Their vision is to see young pregnant women healthy, supported, safe and empowered, and equipped with the necessary life and relationship skills they need to build happy successful lives.  They also aspire to see a decrease in the number of homelesss pregnat teens and young women in the Halton region.

Charitable Registration Number – 808262471RR0001

Donation to Shifra Homes Inc. : $5200

Donate to Shifra Homes Inc.

January 22, 2018 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Halton Learning Foundation

The Halton Learning Foundation (HLF) partners with individuals, corporations and community foundations to help eliminate financial barriers to education for students of the Halton District School Board. They provide assistance through emergency funds for students-in-need, post-secondary scholarships, and engagement funds that help schools purchase tools and resources to engage students in learning. We’re excited to help!

Charitable Registration Number – 889975223 RR0001

Donation to Halton Learning Foundation : $5000

Donate to Halton Learning Foundation


November 22, 2017 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   The Darling Home for Kids

The Darling Home for Kids is a place of joy, filled with the smiles and laughter of children engaging in unique and enriching experiences and exploring new and exciting activities.

Medically fragile children receive wonderful care in a beautiful, warm and home-like environment, which provides comfort and a break to families facing the daily challenges of caring for a child with complex medical needs.

The Darling Home for Kids offers three core programs – respite care, residential care, and hospice palliative care – as well as a number of therapeutic programs. Funds donated by 100 Women Who Care Burlington will support these important core programs, making a difference in the lives of families by building them a bridge to brighter times. Together, we transform lives.

Charitable Registration No. (The Cedarbrook Society) 88852 4840 RR0001

Donation to The Darling Home for Kids ; $4800  (as of January 19/18)

September 19, 2017 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Next Door Social Space

As a ministry of ForestView Church, Next Door Social Space first opened their doors in 2012 as an outgrowth of their work with Compassion Society and Motel Ministry.  Initially located alongside Compassion Society, in 2015 Next Door relocated to its current site where they are excited to be a ‘next door’ neighbour to the Warwick Surrey community.  Since moving into Warwick Surrey, they not only operate out of the storefront, but occupy community spaces offering, among other things, a ball hockey league at the local pad, a gardening at the local community garden as well as a Community Kitchen, Drop In Dinners,  Sewing Drop In and Womens Coffee Hour.  In 2017 Next Door Social Space are expanding into the adjoining vacant storefront – ‘next door’ to Next Door!  This expansion will allow them to improve what they do, while exploring new ideas of building reconciled relationships.

Charitable Registration – 897869640 RR0001

Donation to Next Door Social Space : $5500  (as of November 1/17)

June 7, 2017 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services

Woodview offers a broad spectrum of services for children and youth facing mental health challenges and for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). They work in partnership with families, who play an integral role in our services. Woodview works with schools and social service agencies to support these individuals and their families.

Funds donated by 100 Women Who Care Burlington will support a summer camp program for children and their families.

Charitable Registration – 119303923RR0001

Donation to Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services : $4600  (as of July 21/17)

February 21, 2017 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   The Angel Project

Many patients spend decades in Complex Care units in hospitals and will never go home again; in some cases accident victims, MS, ALS patients and others have been left without tools and the finances to fend for themselves and have been abandoned by their families and society. The Angel Project raises funds to assist in at least one outing per eligible patient per year and  they assist with the purchase of  items such as wheelchairs, voice boxes and speech computers. Although there is some provincial funding for these items, it is not enough for patients who do not have enough to cover the patient portion.  The Angel Project also helps by providing basic needs items such as soap, shaving cream, shampoo and even simple comforts such as stuffed animals, soft blankets or gifts at Christmas to these patients.

Charitable Registration – 83839-3486 RR000

Donation to The Angel Project : $5900  (as of May 15/17)


November 29, 2016 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Learning Disabilities Association of Halton (LDAH)

2017-02-21_1346The LDAH is a charitable organization focused on supporting, educating and delivering services to families, children, youths and adults with learning disabilities within Halton and positively impacting their lives.The fund donated by 100 Women Who Care Burlington will help the LDAH provide free support to parents of children with Learning Disabilities. It is vitally important to have a place in the community where parents can come for support and can bring their children for programs. The kids with Learning Disabilities are at high risk for being bullied, for failing and for mental health issues, so this community needs to be available to them.

Charitable Registration – 119010387RR0001

Donation to LDAH : $5925  (as of February 1/17)


September 13, 2016 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Food for Life Canada

food-for-life-logoEvery day, Food for Life collects surplus perishable food (fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat and prepared foods) from both retail and wholesale food suppliers and grocery stores and is the largest food recovery organization in Halton region. This year, Food for Life will distribute close to 2 million pounds of donated food from their partners directly into the hands of the hungry throughout our community. Not only is Food for Life helping to feed the hungry, millions of dollars worth of food would have otherwise gone to waste in a landfill.

Food for Life provides food to approximately 100 programs throughout the Halton Region and serves more then 26,000 client visits per month.

Charitable Registration 890943772RR0001

Donation to Food for Life  $5900 (as of November 17/16)


Presented Charities:

CBI Prison Ministry

Townsend Smith Foundation

Food for Life



May 31, 2016 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Partnership West Food Bank

2016-08-25_2151Partnership West Food Bank helps the hungry by sourcing, managing and distributing food to a network of local agencies, including food banks, children’s snack programs, the Carpenter Hospice, Halton Woman’s Place and several hot meal programs.

Food banks serve the community by acquiring and warehousing food and other necessities from numerous public and private sources. This food is then distributed throughout the year to eligible people in need.

It’s hard to imagine that in Burlington, 44% of Food Bank clients are children.

Charitable Registration #889638946RR0001

Donation to Partnership West : $  5675 (as of September 2/16)

Presented Charities:

January 19, 2016 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Compassion Society

Compassion Society logoCompassion Society responds to the needs of our community with support and connection by providing clothing, food, and referrals to local resources.

10,000 families in Burlington live below the poverty line and every donation helps needy people in Burlington

Charitable Registration #80430 1810 RR0001

Donation to Compassion Society : $5700 (as of April 28/16)

Presented Charities:

Shifra House

Burlington Green

Compassion Society


October 21, 2015 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Friday Night Community, Wellington United Church

2015-11-18_1043Friday Night Community are free drop-in community dinners held every Friday (including holidays) at 6 p.m., that offer a full course meal and fellowship to anyone in the community. Of those who attend, some may be socially isolated by disability and/or poverty, as well as single parents and seniors.

When guests come they enjoy sharing a smile, a hug or a friendly conversation with the people at the dinner. Friendships are forming every week when people come in the door and join together for a meal.  Many connections carry over into the rest of the week, as people build important support networks outside of the dinner.

The dinners are open to all members of the public; the food is prepared and served by community volunteers. The program is dependent on donations to fund the weekly dinners. No permanent funding exists.

Charitable Registration #108196072RR0001

Donation to Friday Night Community : $5700



Presented Charities:

Girls Incorporated of Halton

Reach Out Centre for Kids (ROCK) – Christmas gifts

Friday Night Community, Wellington United Church

June 24, 2015 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Community Living Burlington

2015-09-16_0139Established in 1955, Community Living Burlington is Burlington’s oldest and largest non-profit charitable organization. For 50 years, they have been dedicated to enriching the quality of life, development and community integration of individuals with developmental disabilities. This is achieved by providing individuals who have a developmental disability with:

  • Residential Settings
  • Adult Day Programs
  • Integrated Preschools
  • Supported Employment
  • School to work transitions
  • Public education and advocacy
  • Respite service
  • Employment services completing packaging services, mailings, etc (ARC Industries)

Charitable Registration # – 106818826RR0001

Donation to Community Living Burlington : $5500 

Presented Charities:

Nanny Angel Network

Community Living Burlington

Girls Incorporated of Halton

March 18, 2015 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Alzheimer Society of Hamilton and Halton

2015-09-16_0100The mission of the Alzheimer Society is to assist individuals and families as they deal with the personal and social consequences of Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders. The Alzheimer Society also strives to promote education, advocacy, and public awareness, along with supporting research into the cause, treatment and alleviation of dementia.

The Alzheimer Society provides information, supportive counselling, and education to individuals with dementia, their care partners, and family members in person, over the phone, by email and in discussion groups. The Alzheimer Society also provides information, education and consultation services to community organizations and local health care agencies.

Charitabable Registration # – 894537984RR0001

Donation to The Alzheimer Society of Hamilton-Halton: $5300

Presented Charities:

Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre – Climb for Cancer

Alzheimer Society of Hamilton and Halton

Halton Industry Education Centre (HIEC) – Women as Career Coaches


January 21, 2015 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Carpenter Hospice

Carpenter HospiceCarpenter Hospice logo has been selected as our first recipient for 2015! Our local Hospice provides individuals who are dying, and their families, with high quality palliative care in a home-like setting. 100 Women Who Care Burlington is very proud to stand behind this wonderful organization and thank Carpenter Hospice for doing all the things they do to help those in need.

Since opening in May 2002, Carpenter Hospice has served more than 1,900 residents who have ranged in age from 21 to 103 years. They support people from our community with all types of terminal illness such as cancer and ALS. Their services also extend beyond residential care to a Wellness Program and Bereavement Support Program.

Charitable Registration # – 86312 1125 RR0001

Donation to Carpenter Hospice : $5500

Presented Charities:

The Junior League of Hamilton-Burlington

Seat Yourself Campaign @ Aldershot School

Carpenter Hospice

September 24, 2014 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Food4Kids

Food 4 Kids logoFood 4 Kids provides backpacks of healthy food to elementary school students from at-risk, low-income or disadvantaged homes with limited or no food during weekend periods. Packages of healthy food are prepared by volunteers and delivered to schools each Friday to ensure children have nourishment over the weekend.  There are 1,200 children in Hamilton and 500 children in Halton sustaining each and every weekend without food.  When kids leave school for the weekend, they should not have to worry about how they will be fed.

Charitable Registration # – 83329 7484 RR0001

Donation to Food 4 Kids : $6200 


Presented Charities:

Burlington Breast Cancer Support Services

Seat Yourself Campaign @ Aldershot School

Food 4 Kids


June 18, 2014 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Home Suite Hope Shared Living Corp.

Home Suite Hope logoHome Suite Hope, a registered charity that supports single parent famiies end the cycle of poverty and homelessness in Halton was selected as the recipient of choice at the June meeting. At the meeting, 100 Women Who Care Burlington members learned that Home Suite Homes fills a much needed gap in the shelter continuum by providing transitional housing to a growing homeless population in Halton Region that need support beyond what is provided by emergency shelter facilities, . Home Suite Hope provides long-term refuge (average stay of up to 24 months) for low-income, precariously-housed, single parent families so that they can have the time necessary to stabilize their lives. They also provide the next stage after emergency shelter services. Other Emergency shelters provide immediate emergency support for people that are homeless, but the support is time-delimited; normally stays cannot be longer than 90 days.

“I was delighted to have this opportunity,” said Michelle Pommells, Executive Director for Home Suite Hope.  “The 100 Women Who Care is such an incredible and powerful team of women who are making a direct impact in the lives of people who need it most – people who live right here in our community. It is thanks to the whole team at Dermetics that we were nominated,” continued Pommells. “They are the example of corporate social responsibility that makes a true difference and we are so thankful for their support.”

Charitable Registration # – 85975 5308 RR0001

Donation to Home Suite Hope Shared Living Corp : $5300 (as of September 26/14)

Presented Charities:


March 26, 2014 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Halton Women’s Place

Halton WomenHalton Women’s Place was chosen to be supported by 100 Women Who Care Burlington at our March meeting. Halton Women’s Place provides a safe haven, information, and education to support a future without abuse for women and their children. Did you know that children who witness violence often suffer the same symptoms as children who have been abused themselves?

Charitable Registration # – 10746 2558 RR0001

Donation to Halton Women’s Place : $4000 

Kaitlin Gordon, Development Coordinator was thrilled to receive our donations and explained that the funds would be put to very good use for things such as shelter services, transitional counselling and their court support program. As we know, Halton Women’s Place provides a safe haven, information and education to support a future without abuse for women and their children. What may not be known is that in Burlington, the shelter has 30 beds and is at capacity or over capacity all year long, with an average length of stay of 6-8 weeks. We also learned that their definition of abuse is not restricted to physical abuse and violence. Emotional and financial abuse are also very real and unfortunately, abuse can have no bounds. Shelter, counselling and support is provided for women of ALL ages, races and religions. Thanks again to Ann Ryan for bringing the nomination forward and to 100 Women Who Care Burlington for helping to make a difference in our community. Thank you Halton Women’s Place for all that you do to help women make choices to increase their safety and the safety of their children.

Presented Charities:

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Hamilton/Burlington

Junior League of Hamilton-Burlington

Halton Women’s Place

January 29, 2014 Meeting

Chosen Charity:   Burlington Humane Society

BHS-LOGO-2A--webBurlington Humane Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the care and protection of the stray and abandoned animals in the Burlington area, operating soley on donations. It is one of the only no-kill shelters and their Mission is to improve the quality of life and welfare for animals in the Burlington community, to provide a safe haven while they find “forever homes for cats and dogs in their care, and to make Burlington a more humane city for all animals.  The ultimate goal of the Burlington Humane Society is “to live in a city where there are no abandoned, unwanted, neglected or abused animals, and where every owner understands the level of commitment and responsibility that pet ownership entails.”

The donation from 100 Women Who Care Burlington will be used to pay for vet bills, food, shelter cost and long term care.

Charitable Registration # – 119254498RR0001

 “The greatness of a society and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it treats it’s animals”~ Mahatma Gandhi.

Donation to Burlington Humane Society : $2900 

” The Burlington Humane Society was incredibly surprised to learn we were the recipients of this wonderful donation! You could hear the shouts of excitement and joy from the shelter staff and volunteers when we got the call from the 100 Women who Care foundation. This money will be used to provide our cats and dogs with all the medical care they need, such as medical exams by a veterinarian, vaccines, medications, spays and neuters, along with any additional care such as dentals and broken bone repairs.”    Adrienne Gosse, Shelter Manager


Presented Charities:

Burlington Humane Society

Compassion Society of Halton

Habitat for Humanity Halton


Nominator Presentations

We support registered charities in the Burlington area. Members nominate the charities and must be prepared to speak about the charity if called upon at the meeting.

The presentation should be no longer than five minutes in length and should cover the following topics:
What is the name of the organization?
Where is the organization located?
What is the mission of the organization?
What purpose does the organization serve? (who, what do they do, how do
they do it)
How would the organization benefit from receiving the donation?
How will the funds be used?
What other sources of funding does the organization have (i.e. how needy is
the organization)?
Can they issue tax receipts?
Describe your personal interactions with the organization or how you
learned of the organization.