Nomination Window

A call for nominations is announced 3-4 weeks before the next meeting. Look out for the email announcement!

Nomination Requirements

Nomination forms must be submitted online by the due date by an eligible Member/Team:

  1. Only Members of 100+ Women Who Care Burlington are eligible to submit nominations (Join now!)
  2. You must be a member in good standing, having donated according to your commitment.

Charity Eligibility

If you’re thinking of submitting a nomination, double-check that the charity meets our eligibility criteria:

  • The charitable organization must serve Burlington/Halton. 
  • The charitable organization must be a Registered Charity, or a program affiliated with a Registered Charity. 
  • The Registered Charity must be in good standing and able to provide tax receipts for donations. 
  • The charitable organization must also be firmly established (operating for at least 12 months). 
  • National or international charities, programs or organizations will not be considered, unless they can prove a direct service to Burlington/Halton.
  • Not a Charity of Choice within the last 3 years. (You can find the list of past charities HERE

All good on the above? You're ready to nominate!

Nomination Vetting

Nominees will be vetted by the Leadership Team to verify eligibility and added to our list of pre-qualified charities for presentation and funding consideration. Prior to the event, there will be a draw to select who gets to present their charity. 


Please refer to the guidelines on our Presentation page.

What if my charity is not selected to receive a donation?

With so many worthy causes, the decision is often tough. If your charity was presented but did not get selected to receive a donation, don’t lose heart! You can resubmit the nomination again until your charity is chosen.